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Congratulations to our 2023 Club Champion Tournament Winners!

Our 2023 MSWGC Club Champion is Donna Kim

Here are our Flighted Winners:

Flight A:

1st Place -   Rose Borleau

2nd Place - Charell DeLuca

Flight B:

1st Place -  Shari Stellhorn

2nd Place - Cindy Hersey

Flight C:

1st Place -  Vicki Merson

2nd Place - Kay Donnelson

Click here for photos of our tournament winners and our ladies in their 60's  Theme"We are the  Champions!" outfits

Golf Clubs, Ball and Trophy

Congratulations to our 2022 Year End Award  Winners!

Congratulations to all our 2022 Year End winners that were recognized at our Christmas Party:

Flight A Winners:

Lowest Gross -  Donna Kim

Lowest Net -     Geri Lee

Most Chip-ins - Marina Dupuis

Most Birdies -    Donna Kim

Flight B  Winners:

Lowest Gross -   Sue Bialek

Lowest Net -      Cathy Fontenot

Most Chip-ins -  Barbara Taylor

Most Birdies -     Laurey Venn

Most Improved:

1st  -  Fe Goeke

2nd -  Charell DeLuca

3rd  -  Cathy Fontenot

4th  -  Margy Swingle

Click here  for photos of our 2022 Christmas Party!

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2023 SCGA Multi-Club Rebate

For the 2023 membership year, anyone who is a member of the SCGA through more than one club is eligible to receive a rebate directly from the SCGA for any dues they pay the SCGA that exceed $55. The individual must be a multi-member for a minimum of 60 days.  For full eligibility  requirements and to apply for the rebate visit:

hole in one June 14 2022 1.jpg
hole in one June 14 2022 2.JPG
2022 MSWGC Hole -in-Ones!

Congratulations to Rose Borleau for her HOLE IN ONE on Hole #13 on June 14, 2022 and Vicki Vicki Merson on her HOLE IN ONE on Hole #13 on January 25, 2022.  Well done, Ladies!

hole in one Jan 25 2022.jpg

Congratulations to our 2022 President Cup Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 MSWGC President Cup tournament

Click here for photos of our winners

President's Cup Winner:  Vicki Merson

Flight A:

1st Place - Cheryl Kamishin

2nd Place - Charell DeLuca

3rd Place -  Marina Dupuis

Flight B:

1st Place - Marlene McConville

2nd Place - Sharon Laciura

3rd Place - Susan Matthewson

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